Learning Disabilities and Organization

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. The term “neurological organization” means that the brain can take in and store information in an orderly and “organized” fashion. A child lacking in complete neurological organization is to some degree neurologically dysorganized. To a large extent, this is an environmental or inherited problem as opposed to the organic dysorganization found in a child suffering from … Read More

Neurological Dysorganization and Antisocial Behavior

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Robert J. Doman, M.D. The NACD Foundation speaks of persons who ineffectively pass through or miss critical developmental brain levels as being neurologically dysorganized. This simply means they have a brain which is inefficient in its ability to receive, process, store and utilize information. Depending upon which level or levels of the brain that are involved, the individual may exhibit … Read More

The Learning “Disabled” Child: Special Education

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Robert J. Doman Jr. Special Education Twenty-five years ago, special education was in its infancy. It was virtually impossible for the parents of children with severe problems to obtain any services from their school systems. With the recent development of special education and the passing of legislation providing for children with special needs, funds are now available through state and … Read More

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