Your ADD/ADHD Child
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John M. Jaquith, M.Ed. What is ADD and ADHD? Essentially, both of these are labels that describe symptoms. In fact, a list of symptoms is used to identify such children. A child receives a label based on prolonged occurrences of eight or more, out of a possible fourteen, symptoms before the age of seven. These symptoms have been identified as: … Read More

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Lyn Waldeck Four and a half years ago, our family was given the gift of a precious 2-year-old brain-injured child who had previously been a Romanian orphan. Our first prognosis from the medical field was very devastating. “What was done to this child is a tragedy. Now he may never walk, never talk, never see, and will be unable to … Read More

LEARNING HOW YOU LEARN Auditory and Visual Digit Spans – What Do They Mean?
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Robert J. Doman Jr.   HOW TO EVALUATE AUDITORY AND VISUAL SHORT-TERM MEMORY AUDITORY SHORT TERM MEMORY To test the auditory digit span, the parent should slowly (1 digit per second) say number sequences beginning with 2 digits (Example, 4 – 1 sec. Space – 2). Have the child attempt to repeat the sequence. If the child was unable to … Read More

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