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If you have a brain-injured child or are working with a brain-injured child, then you are aware that the challenges ahead are daunting. You are also aware that the medical community tends to be very pessimistic about the future. Standard therapies may seem insufficient and too fragmented to make a significant improvement. NACD can help.

NACD’s approach is based on performing a neurodevelopmental assessment that gives information regarding a child’s function in all key areas including auditory and visual processing, tactile processing, tonal processing, manual competence, mobility, language, and academic functioning. Based on the results of this detailed assessment, an individualized NACD program is designed to work on achieving the next developmental step in each of those areas. The programs are designed to be very efficient, very relevant to each specific child’s needs. Using typical development as the guide, the NACD program seeks to train the brain to move the child forward through each developmental step. In order to keep up with the child’s changing status, the programs are “works in progress” constantly being assessed and updated.

Throughout this process, parents are trained and supported. Parents are taught how to implement the program and are then supported by staff assigned to them who are available to answer their questions at any time. NACD views parents as experts on their own children and gives them all of the knowledge that NACD has to offer. In return, the parents provide crucial information to NACD to help better assess and fine-tune each child’s program.

NACD is proud of its record of helping parents help their children progress. Although NACD’s approaches are innovative, they are not static. NACD is interested in outcomes and futures. With an “if it works we’ll incorporate it” attitude, NACD actively explores new methods to help children. Outcomes are the criteria we use to assess what methods are utilized. Working with parents and respecting the unparalleled commitment of parents to their children, NACD works hand in hand with families to create a better future for their children.

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