NACD Science Corner Vol. 14 – Why Do People with Down Syndrome Have Less Cancer?

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A study published in Nature – International Journal of Science confirms that individuals with extra copies of chromosome 21, as found in individuals with Down syndrome, have genes that block certain types of cancer growth. This may have far-reaching implications in the therapies we use to treat cancer. Most types of cancer are rare in individuals with Down syndrome and … Read More

Science Corner Vol. 3 – The Sleep Advantage of Homeschooling: Scientifically Verified

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It might not be that shocking to find homeschoolers get more sleep than their public school peers, but a new study which featured 2,600 adolescents around the nation found homeschoolers get on average 90 minutes more sleep per night! Just to put that into perspective, 90 minutes a night over the course of a 5-day school week equates to 1 entire … Read More

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