Down Syndrome Perspectives: A Message to Parents of Down Syndrome Children

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by Robert J. Doman, Jr. In 1972 I sent my first Down Syndrome child off to her first day of school, in regular class, in a “normal” public school with “normal” expectations, and no special services. Linda was entering first grade, having spent two years with me at the George Crother’s Memorial School. Linda entered 1st. Grade at the head … Read More

Special Needs Children: Parents Are the Experts!

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. Many families are becoming frustrated at their often ineffective attempts to homeschool their special needs child. Others still wrestle with the decision of whether or not to succumb to the pressures being exerted on them by family, friends, or the “professionals” to put their child into the public school system. These decisions are not easy, and … Read More

“Your Father Said” – Process Fathering

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Robert J. Doman Jr. Minute for minute, the single strongest influence on a child’s development is that of his or her father. Whether that influence be positive or negative, constructive or destructive, helpful or unhelpful, is largely determined by the father’s knowledge, awareness, and true involvement. Through my work with children and families, the status of fathers has been spelled … Read More

Parents Are The Solution!

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Lynda W. Bates When NACD parents become actively involved in their child’s developmental process they discover two scarcely known truths, truths which many parents and professionals have yet to realize. First of all, parents discover that direct involvement with their child strengthens the parent-child relationship like few things can. Involvement, for NACD parents, means consistently carrying out the child’s individualized … Read More

Learning Problems and Attention Deficits

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by Robert J. Doman Jr. “Your child cannot sit still.” “Your child is not progressing in math.” “Your child doesn’t pay attention.” “Your child cannot enunciate sounds properly.” Ever read any of those statements in your child’s school report? Every year more and more children are “identified” as having a “problem” that affects their ability to learn and pay attention. … Read More

Child Management

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Robert J. Doman Jr. Children often don’t behave as parents would like. Most parents suspect that if they reacted differently toward their children, their behavior would improve, but parents don’t know where to start. The first step is to identify the factors causing the problems. There are three major causes of behavior problems to watch for and eliminate: A negative … Read More

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