Goat Milk

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This is a website where people can locate raw goat milk in their area: www.realmilk.com. It is illegal except in 13 states to purchase raw goat milk commercially and illegal in many states to ship raw goat milk across state lines. However, many local goat dairy farms will sell you some. In some states, such as Oregon, it is legal to … Read More

Buffalo Milk

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There is no animal milk other than raw goat milk which is alkaline, naturally homogenized, and has colostrum which exactly replicates Mother’s milk colostrum–the most important factor for immunity and the immune system. (Please see article on Raw Goat and its comparison to cow milk for full information). Next to raw goat milk I prefer homemade nut milks. Having said … Read More

Nutritional Protocol for Infants – Ages 0 to 2 years

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BREASTFEEDING Before an infant is born it lives on the mother’s blood, which circulates through the fetus. Upon birth it lives on mother’s milk. An infant is given its start solely through the mother. The vital beginning for bones, organs and glands lies in the health of the mother during and after pregnancy as well as many years before conception. … Read More

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