Does School Remediation Result in Success?

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by Ellen Doman I wrote a paper on this topic some decades ago for a graduate school paper. I entitled it, “Does Remediation Mean Failure?” and based it on quite a few definitive studies. Needless to say, those studies are long outdated and the paper, which was not very popular with my fellow educators, is no longer current. Sadly, though, … Read More

All I Want for Christmas is an iPad (or Making the Most of the iPad You Already Have)

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by Ellen Doman   With Christmas right around the corner, we are all trying to figure how to get gifts that are really worth getting for our children. When it comes to larger ticket items, it is hard to beat an iPad for usefulness and continued relevance. This is not a gadget that will get put away, but rather a … Read More

It’s About Time

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by Bob Doman How long is a day? How long is a minute? How long does it take to make a bed, take out the trash, make a sandwich, or eat a meal? I’m sure you can all answer the first two questions, or at least you think you can; and I suppose that you could give a fair guess … Read More

Preparing Parents for the School Year

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by Ellen Doman   Isn’t it amazing that the new school year is almost here again? Many parents and children really dread the thought. Although some of you are just now starting to actually enjoy your summer, the school year lurks just weeks away. If you are taking a moment to cover your eyes trying to banish the thought of … Read More


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by Sara Erling It never fails, year after year, while we think—and our NACD parents think—that it is going to be a good and productive summer, it ends up being crazy with baseball, soccer, camp, barbecues, and vacations. Life as we know it gets in the way. Whether I am talking to a parent on the phone or in an … Read More

Siblings Helping Siblings

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By Sara Erling NACD Evaluator NACD works with cream of the crop parents–parents who are willing to do whatever they can do to help their child succeed. While being able to do an entire program, as well as all your other duties that fall under the job of parent, sounds fairly easy in theory, we all know that reality is … Read More

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