A Part of All That I Have Met

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by Kenneth H. Waldeck I was born to two dedicated parents whose care exceeded just addressing the needs of the present. Perhaps it was the hopelessness that theses loving parents felt that prompted care like this. After all, these parents also had a severely brain injured son named Evan. They had to look forward to the future, because focusing on … Read More

Fear No Mountain – Evan Waldeck

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By Lyn Waldeck Our story, which by no means is at its end, began in the mountains. To be specific the Transylvanian Mountains. During Christmas of 1990, a specific child was brought to our attention that was in desperate need of a family. Florin Valc, who later became our son Evan Waldeck, had spent the first two years of his … Read More

Coma/Head Injuries: “Camron”

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Paul and Ann Stephens As I write this account, it is the day after Thanksgiving, 1996. How far we’ve come. How thankful we are that we found NACD. On August 23, 1993, our son, Camron, was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He sustained serious head injuries and was comatose for four months. After 10 weeks at our … Read More

Minimal Brain Dysfunction: “Philip”

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Philip could not speak to be understood until he was four years old. At that point there were only a few words that someone besides myself and his Daddy could understand. We were very concerned. He couldn’t stand noise and began making dull repetitive noises when confusion surrounded him. Lots of pieces to Philip’s puzzle were not on the table. … Read More

Cerebral Palsy: “Justin”

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I remember so clearly the first time someone said that Justin had cerebral palsy. It was over the phone, not even to my face. She said, Don’t be upset, Mrs. Johnson, your son has cerebral palsy. When he was six-months-old, I read an article in a women’s magazine which described a child whose abilities, or lack there of, matched Justin’s … Read More

Cerebral Palsy: “Michael and Mark”

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Our story begins on January 4, 1990, when I delivered two beautiful boys, 3 months premature. At birth, Michael and Mark weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces, and 1 pound, 12 ounces, respectively. The boys were given a 10-15% chance of survival. Michael and Mark are now five years old. They also have a six-year-old brother, Johnny, and a 15-month-old brother, … Read More

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