Autism & Communication Disorder – A Journey With Marcus

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The picture of the handsome soccer player attached to this narrative is my eleven-year-old son Marcus. To look at his handsome face, one would never believe the story behind this sweet-spirited young man. At this point it seems a little surreal, but to borrow an old cliché, “We’ve come a long way, baby!” My pregnancy was normal, c-section delivery was … Read More

The Autism Spectrum

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by Robert J. Doman Jr. Let me begin with a brief history of our experience with children within the autism spectrum over the past several decades, for doing so will give you a better understanding of the significant “pieces of the puzzle” we are working with in regard to what we know thus far about the autism spectrum and how … Read More

Autism Spectrum: “Celeste’s Story”

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Beverly G. As of March 2001 NACD has helped my autistic daughter make incredible progress over the past fourteen months. I believe it is nothing short of a miracle. My daughter Celeste was diagnosed as mildly autistic when she was 4 years old, but I had known for some time that she had delays. She was a normal baby, possibly … Read More

Philosphy and Rationale

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. NACD’s developmental and educational programs are designed to lead each child toward developing his/her fullest potential. These programs are designed through the expertise of Robert J. Doman, Jr., and represent an eclectic approach to child development. These programs are implemented by the parents and other family members under the training and auspices of The NACD Foundation. … Read More

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