Romina Varsandan

Romina is from Romania, and from a young age has been passionate about learning foreign languages. She studied English, German, and Italian intensively and worked in fields that required mastering these languages in Romania, Germany, and Great Britain. 

Struggles with health issues most of her childhood and young adult life have made her very sensitive and empathetic towards children with health and developmental issues. She knows all about missing time from school, spending time in hospitals, not having access to proper diagnoses or treatments, dealing with laws, and maybe most important of all, overcoming limitations that others tried to impose on her. It took many years for her to heal and overcome the trauma of being labeled as a sick individual and treated as such by society. Romina started making it a goal to help others as a career. The first step in this direction was finding a university program in this field. As a result, she is currently completing a degree in Special Education. Second step was finding NACD. This happened in 2017 when a close friend started volunteering for NACD. As she says, “The program and overall approach is unique, and I immediately wanted to be a part of it.” Learning more and more about us over the years, Romina was sure that she wanted to be a part of the NACD family and dedicate her life to helping others. 

“All the hard work and dedication of the NACD families has been a true inspiration for me. Being a part of their journey is a true honor and a dream come true. Meeting Bob in person was a life changing experience for me.”


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