Teodora Pop, M.A.

Teo has worked with children since high school. She volunteered in several organizations that worked with children who had a range of disabilities and has been teaching in various capacities for 14 years. She received a BA and then an MA in Painting and Child Education, with the intention of becoming an art therapist and practicing in the United States.  She is presently finishing up her PhD.

Teo’s plan to move to the U.S. and practice art therapy changed when she discovered NACD in March of 2017 while helping a friend with translations for their initial NACD evaluation. After her introduction to NACD, she said, “In all my experience I’ve never seen anything like NACD,” and during her first conversation with Bob Doman she asked if she could become an NACD volunteer. She then made the selfless decision to remain in Romania to work with NACD and to help the families there.

Teo has since become an invaluable member of the NACD team and is serving as the NACD Coordinator for Romania. She has been dedicated to helping all of the NACD families be successful, through helping with coaching, support, and translations. She has been doing a fantastic job bridging the language barriers and knowing that only together can we create progress, educate people, change mentalities and lives, and even the laws and opportunities afforded children in Romania.

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