Marta Palmes

Marta Palmes is from Barcelona and has lived and worked in Spain, England, and the United States. She holds degrees in management and education. After pursuing careers in tourism, banking, and executive education, she found her personal and professional passion—child development—when her first daughter, Arianna, was born with an extra chromosome that impacts the way in which she learns and develops.

Children like Arianna, born with Trisomy 21, face some very real development challenges. Fortunately for Marta and her family, NACD came highly recommended when they researched organizations that could support them in a proven and practical way. After hearing so much that seemed so negative about Trisomy 21, NACD’s approach was music to their ears. Bob Doman’s approach—parents and children taking responsibility for their own development while being challenged and supported by experienced professionals, just seemed to make sense.

Marta says that thanks to the knowledge, support, trust, and encouragement from Sara, her NACD developmentalist/coach, her daughter has a brighter future. Sara helped Marta to understand that she needed to raise her expectations for her daughter and take charge of her children’s education, development, growth, and future.

After years of applying the NACD program with her own child, Marta took the leap back to university for a second degree in Child Education and a profession dedicated to coaching and supporting others.

Presently Marta resides in Colorado Springs, USA with her husband and two daughters, Arianna and Natalia. She acts as a coach to families that follow NACD programs, and she plans to start a NACD chapter in Barcelona when she returns to Spain. Her goals are to support others in their developmental process in general and, more specifically, to assist non-English speaking families in implementing the NACD methodology—a methodology that has been effective with her own daughter and allowed her to excel and set the foundation for a better future.

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