NACD Cognition Coach – Toddler to 3

Simply Smarter Sequential Processing App

NACD Cognition Coach - Toddler to 3

Cognition Coach is designed to help your toddler build the number of pieces of information your brain can take in and use, as well as process higher and think better. It’s never too early or too late to develop the basis for thinking skills.

The app targets the most basic levels from:

  1. Learning how to identify pictures
  2. How to choose a picture given a verbal prompt
  3. How to discriminate between a choice of images
  4. Processing from 1 to 3 pieces of information.


  • Made specifically with fun and vibrant illustrations for children who are neurodevelopmentally functioning between approximately one year and three years.
  • Choose from 6 levels with increased difficulty.
  • Track Progress for each child as they progress through all 6 levels.
  • Repeat a level until mastered.
  • Encouraging reward sounds and animations.
  • Helpful hints and tips for each level and specific instructions on how to use.

While the app is very easy for toddlers to use, it should be used with supervision. Remember—although it is fun, it isn’t a game. Maximize the benefit your child receives by supervising them and providing assistance and reinforcement.

Currently Available for iPad here:

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