NACD Cognition Coach – Preschool Ages 3 to 5

NACD Cognition Coach - Preschool Ages 3 to 5Simply Smarter Sequential Processing App

Designed to build short-term and working memory–the number of pieces of information your brain can take in and use.

Cognition Coach teaches the child the names of objects, animals, and instruments, as well as number and letter identification. It then targets different levels of processing, moving from a beginner’s level of one piece of information all the way up to six, which represents strong short-term and working memory.

Working memory is being called the “New IQ.” Decades of clinical experience has shown that processing helps drive the development of language, social interaction, behavior, and cognition, and establishes the foundation for academic success.

Not only is it never too early to start building these skills, you don’t want to discover that you may be too late to provide your child with the foundation they need for early success in school.


  • Made specifically with fun and vibrant illustrations for children who are neuro-developmentally functioning between approximately three to five years of age or higher.
  • Choose from 6 levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Choose from 10 categories such as animals, around the house, musical instruments, numbers, letters and colors.
  • Track progress for each child as they progress through all 6 levels.
  • Repeat a level until mastered.
  • Encouraging reward sounds and animations.
  • Includes helpful hints and tips for each level and specific instructions on how to use.


Currently Available for iPad here:

This app is currently unavailable. Check back soon for more information.


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