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The NACD Community – NACD Facebook Group
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May 2020   I am pleased to announce that we are launching an NACD Facebook group. We are hopeful that this will serve as a vehicle to provide our members with even more support and to strengthen our community—our NACD family. It is very important, however, that we do it properly. The majority of families in the world are not … Read More

Teaching Chores Better Than Teaching Algebra?
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Why might teaching your child to clean toilets be more helpful than teaching them algebra? I love this video. All schools and parents should learn from this school. I have been extolling the importance of teaching chores and giving children responsibilities for decades. Sadly, parents and schools seem to do a poorer job of this every year. Many parents and … Read More

Chores: An Integral Part of Your Child’s Development & Education
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Toddler Issues a Chore Challenge August 2017 Ogden, Utah Twelve-month-old Arielle is challenging other children to raise the bar and get to work. Today’s children are doing fewer chores than ever before, and as a result we should not be shocked to realize that many teens and young adults have missed some very important lessons. Responsibility Having specific jobs that … Read More

Feedback and Its Impact on Behavior, Learning, Development, and More – Part 4
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Who Is Shaping Your Child’s Self Image and Impacting Their Future? by Bob Doman   My teacher thinks I’m dumb! I must be! The other kids don’t like me! Something is wrong with me! I’m just not okay! Granddad thinks I’m the greatest! He’s smart—I must be great! Mom likes me and loves me! I’m likeable and loveable!   Everyone … Read More

COVID-19 Distance Learning: How Distant From Learning Is It?
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by Bob Doman Truth is that from what I’m hearing from around the country and to some degree internationally, the schools have really done a phenomenal job of creating distant learning programs virtually overnight. It does, however, beg the question as to how much learning is taking place. How distant from learning is it, or was school? I am hearing … Read More

Sound Therapy in Quarantine: TSI – Targeted Sound Intervention
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It can be hard to find a silver lining in being quarantined during a global pandemic. Nothing about that sounds right. Yet stories are coming out daily about families discovering the beauty of family meals, enjoying activities with their kids, and getting creative with how they spend their time. There’s also the other side of the coin—the stresses of home … Read More

Testimonial From the Parent of Three NACD Graduates
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by Sharon Lee We had been through nearly four years of searching for answers to our oldest son, Matthew’s, angry outbursts, failure to follow through with instructions, with fear and stress weighing him down. When I was at my whit’s end and totally misunderstood by other moms, a woman from our church told me about a neighbor who had success … Read More

Free Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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by Sara Erling The following websites are offering free products or subscriptions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are only a FEW of the hundreds of websites. If you are interested in receiving more, please contact your coach. NACD recommends taking advantage of what is available to help you have fun learning with your kids! NACD We are offering … Read More

My Greatest Discovery – How to Make Everyone Smarter
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by Bob Doman These COVID-19 Coronavirus times have certainly turned many of our worlds upside down. We now virtually have a world full of homeschoolers; more parents are at home with their children than at any time in the history of the world. Exceptional times and exceptional circumstances can also result in exceptional opportunities. Many of us are rediscovering and … Read More

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