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A Thousand Different Things: What’s Wrong with the Current Curriculum
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by Ellen Doman I work with children all around the world who are having difficulties learning, typically due to issues with auditory processing and working memory. These children come to us with many different labels and diagnoses but when it comes to education the significant factor is processing, the relative weakness of the short-term auditory memory and the correlating weakness … Read More

Isaac Beichel – Highly Capable
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by Bob Doman Isaac is a young man who we are very proud of, as we are of his mom and dad who have done such a great job with him. Isaac started with us ten years ago when he was seven. In the past ten years we have had the privilege of working with Isaac’s parents to help him … Read More

NACD (The National Association for Child Development) & IAHP (The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential): Distinctly Separate Organizations
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Bob Doman’s father, Robert J. Doman M.D., his uncle, Glenn Doman, and Carl Delacato EdD started the IAHP – Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in 1955. Although Bob spent a lot of time at IAHP as a child and was very aware of IAHP as he began his professional career, he disagreed with many of the foundational aspects … Read More

Home Education with NACD
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by Ellen Doman, M.A. Curriculum & Education NACD is a program designed to improve the development of the whole child. So we are addressing cognitive development, physical development in terms of fine and gross motor skills, behavioral development, academic development, and other aspects of your whole child. Our approach to home education (or homeschool) is, for many reasons, different from everyone … Read More

Is Your Child Getting the Education They Need?
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by Bob Doman In the midst of the pandemic, there perhaps has never been a greater time to actually evaluate the education your children have been receiving and look at some options. Education has unfortunately become almost synonymous with curriculum. Whether we are talking public school, private school, or even homeschool, the first question asked is, “What is the curriculum?” … Read More

NACD: A Game Changer for Our Daughter
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by M. Harrington We brought our daughter to NACD after adopting her from another country at the age of 7 and trying for four years to homeschool her ourselves. While we were making progress developmentally and academically, progress was slow before we found NACD. Lyn helped us discover specific things about our daughter’s brain and the way it processed information that … Read More

Why Should I Move to Home Education This Year?
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by Bob Doman Are the schools going to be open this fall? Will our kids wear masks? Will school be five days a week or three or two? Are they going to find enough teachers willing to be in the classrooms? Or is it going to be more distance “learning?” Most families who experienced this at the end of the … Read More

How to Teach Your Child With Special Needs to Wear a Mask
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by Bob Doman For many preschool children and children with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum, getting them to tolerate a mask can be a daunting task. For a child who doesn’t understand the need for a mask and who has some tactile defensiveness, getting them to wear a mask can be extremely difficult. Some of you might … Read More

NACD Homeschool & Home Education FAQ
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NACD Program for Home Education FAQ For those exploring options and asking questions about NACD Home Education or interest in homeschool for your child, we have collected a list of questions and answers that may help you with your decision making process. The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our NACD Home Education (Homeschooling) program: What is NACD … Read More

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