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Never Say “No” to Your Child
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by Bob Doman One of the most common words children hear is the word “no.” I have heard parents spew it out like bullets being fired from machine guns at the same frequency and with what often sounds like similar intent. Working with parents and their children educationally and developmentally can be challenging, but not much makes this tougher than … Read More

Danielle, Super Reader
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by Sunette Payne One of the aspects that I love about working with NACD is meeting and working with so many amazing families. Being a “program-doing-mom” in this role, has also added many other unexpected benefits, some of which would be, being inspired by, challenged by and motivated by our wonderful parents and their children. We really do have the … Read More

Beyond “Therapy”
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Thoughts on factors influencing gross and fine motor development, with ramifications affecting cognitive function and language in developmentally challenged children. by Bob Doman I have observed a number of problems in our children whose overall development is slower than that of typically developing children, issues that are only indirectly associated with the actual neurological and physical aspects of their function. … Read More

The Icing on Your Cake: Siblings on Program
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By Lyn Waldeck NACD Evaluator “Children with significant challenges can be typical, typical children can be exceptional, and exceptional children can change the world.” —Robert J. Doman, Jr, Founder of NACD NACD has been at the forefront of developing modalities to address a population of children that are most commonly “written off.” We have children that we have brought out … Read More

The Selective Use of TV and Videos for Advancing the Development of Special Needs, Typical and Accelerated Preschool Children
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Robert J. Doman Jr. TV/Videos and The Preschool Child For over twenty-five years, the National Association for Child Development (NACD) has had the opportunity to serve a large, international caseload of children covering the entire functional spectrum. Our work with innovating ways to accelerate the development of children with profound developmental issues (such as brain injury, autism and Down syndrome) … Read More

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