Parenting 101: Questions for Bob Doman, Part 2

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. Dear Bob, I am becoming very concerned with my two-year-old son and his lack of language development, he only says a few words and recently just put his first two words together “top it”. Should I be concerned and what should I do? Thanks, K   Dear K, I’m glad you asked this question; it is … Read More

Language Acquisition in Children with Down Syndrome: The significance of auditory function and the developmental costs of teaching signing or “Total Communication”

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by Robert J. Doman Jr.   In order to determine appropriate treatment approaches for children with Down Syndrome (DS), one must first, look at “normal” development, and then explore how and why the DS population differs. When considering language acquisition we encounter historic problems that are not dissimilar from those of any of our special needs populations. The primary problem … Read More

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