Tornadoes: Thoughts on the Brain and Child-Centered Learning

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by Bob Doman Understanding the brain and how it works has been the subject of a tremendous amount of study and research. Exploring such research in college really engaged and intrigued me, particularly when I realized that the knowledge that had been gained in neuroscience was not being acknowledged, reflected, or utilized by the educational community. Regrettably, this really hasn’t … Read More

Does School Remediation Result in Success?

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by Ellen Doman I wrote a paper on this topic some decades ago for a graduate school paper. I entitled it, “Does Remediation Mean Failure?” and based it on quite a few definitive studies. Needless to say, those studies are long outdated and the paper, which was not very popular with my fellow educators, is no longer current. Sadly, though, … Read More

Parenting 101: The Love of Learning

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. Changing the brain (i.e., learning) requires providing the brain with specific, appropriate input that must be delivered with sufficient frequency, intensity and duration. Of the three components—frequency, intensity and duration—the least important is duration. Unfortunately, duration is the one component “education” tends to concentrate on the most. Most educators and legislators believe that “in order for our children to … Read More

Parenting 101: Being Specific – Parent Power

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. One of the keys to development and education revolves around the word specific. How specific the input is, and how appropriate it is to the individual child, largely determines how much impact it has on the brain. Random, disorganized input, which I call “stuff,” does not develop brains; specific, appropriate input does. Understanding the importance of … Read More

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