T.H.E. Targeted Home Education
for Homeschoolers


Monthly NACD Family Membership includes:

  • Interview with the family and review of client’s history
  • Evaluation of the first family member
  • Design of an individualized TDI Targeted Developmental Program®
  • Training videos and materials in the implementation of the program for parents and caregivers
  • Access to the Family Portal, which contains a record of all evaluations, programs, program instructions, video library of the client and other critical information
  • Ongoing coach support and access to your TDI specialist who can answer questions, review videos, and make ongoing program enhancements as needed, through email, phone and Skype
  • Live or Skype re-evaluations and program enhancements every 4 months
  • Availability to have assessments and TDI programs designed for additional family members at a greatly reduced fee

To get started with the NACD Membership Program, please visit:

Get Started with NACD

To learn more about NACD’s T.H.E. Targeted Home Education (Homeschool) Program & read testimonials, click here.

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