Glenda Girazian


Glenda’s journey with NACD began in 1984 when her firstborn son was diagnosed with Down syndrome. After four months of hearing the “professionals” paint a bleak picture, she was devastated, confused and desperate for some encouraging words. When Brandon was 4 months old, she was made aware of a conference on Down syndrome at the Disneyland Hotel conducted by an organization called NACD. After these two days of speakers and hearing what Bob Doman had to say, her fears of raising her son had turned to hope. She had discovered her own version of Disneyland. Now 25 years later, Brandon is thriving in ways he never would have if she had listened to the doctors and other specialists. Since these beginning days, Glenda has deeply rooted herself into the NACD family.

With a background in Child Development, all aspects of the NACD program peaked her curiosity and fed her desire to continue down this path of learning. Three months after the conference, Brandon had his initial evaluation with Bob. In a short amount of time, Bob was able to give her a profile of her son’s developmental stages and program activities to do to get him moving toward reaching his full potential. The activities addressed all areas of his development, and the best part of all was that she was actually given ways to improve these areas in her own home on a daily basis. Glenda poured her heart and soul into learning the NACD way and the requirements for implementing the program. Brandon’s birth was followed by three additional “typical” brothers, but having the knowledge of the proper stages of development, she felt confident that her other children would be guided on the right path so that they too would be able to reach their fullest potentials.

Three years later, Glenda became the Los Angeles Branch volunteer. The following year she was trained by Bob to teach parents the program activities. Seeing the exciting changes that doing program brought to these children made her desire to become more involved all the greater. In 1995 Glenda trained extensively with NACD and Bob, learning more about the evaluation process, rationale, and program design.

Presently, Glenda remains devoted to the NACD philosophy and supports their endeavors as a “coach” to their families. She has witnessed Brandon’s tremendous growth throughout the years and delights in the joy her son’s progress brings her way. As an employee she is able to help others by instilling in them the same hope that Bob gave her 25 years ago. “I don’t look back, but keep moving forward and know that Brandon will continue to advance. Bob keeps providing ways to make it happen. NACD has given me the momentum to continue for all these years, and I am happy to be able to pass it on to others.” She looks forward to many more enlightening years to come and thanks Bob and NACD for one of the best experiences in her life.

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