NACD Developmental Preschool

If your child is preschool age, you are undoubtedly wondering if and hoping that everything you are doing for your child will be sufficient to produce a happy, smart, productive human being. These are the years when your child is changing and growing. You compare your child to other children who are at the same age. You read books and articles about child development and compare your child to the standards they set. You listen to reports and comments made by others who may help care for your child. But as much as you do for your child, you still worry. Is it the right thing? Is it enough?

NACD can help. Through NACD’s assessment tools, a parent can fully know and understand their child’s unique developmental progress in a remarkably large number of areas. Imagine knowing how your child is functioning in areas such as auditory and visual processing, working memory, tonal processing, as well as language, fine and gross motor ability, and tactile processing. Imagine knowing exactly the best teaching strategies you can use to improve function in all of these areas! Imagine helping your child become smarter, more coordinated, more articulate, a better reader! Imagine being trained to work specifically with your child using strategies that are efficient and produce real results. NACD provides you with all of this.

NACD trains parents to be the experts regarding their own child. Providing parents with a thorough knowledge of child development and a thorough knowledge of their own child’s functioning allows parents to function as the experts. Empowering parents with knowledge and expertise allows them to move forward providing their child with learning opportunities and developmental activities that really make a diffference.

So as you wonder what toys are best, what books, what gross motor activities, what food, what behavioral strategies…turn to NACD. We have the answers to help you make the most of your child’s growth and development in these precious early years.

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