Testimonials from Our Families


NACD Kids: Andrew & Daniel
by Charlene Doland

Our Daughter, Jennifer


December 2010 Newsletter: NACD Makes Adults Smarter Too!
by Bridget Sheehan

Asperger's Syndrome

November 2008 Newsletter – Our Journey: Connor
by Stacey W.

Attention Deficit Disorder

January 2014 Newsletter - Joshua
as told to Iliana Clift, by Joshua's Mom

May 2008 Newsletter – Mary Beth
by Monique Cunningham

March 2008 Newsletter – NACD Changed My Life
by Melissa G.

Brian's Story

Our Son, Christopher

Dane's Story

Sunny: You Are My Sunshine

Autism Spectrum

June 2014 Newsletter: No Limits - Luke

Darren May

Marcus - Ten Years Later

A Journey with Marcus

February 2012 Newsletter: A New View of Children Within the Autism Spectrum (Ross)
by Bob Doman

February 2012 Newsletter: Finally, I am a Soccer Mom!
by Tamara Grosz, Ph.D.

January 2012 Newsletter: Big Steps + Little Steps = Giant Strides
by Cori Longfellow

December 2011 Newsletter: "Brags" - Usaid
by Fatima Shaikh

November 2011 Newsletter - Working with "T"
by Sara Erling

October 2010 Newsletter: "Brags"
by Julie Macchabee

Autism Spectrum: "John"

September 2008 Newsletter – NACD Kids: Lammons Family
by Ashley Lammons

July 2008 Newsletter – Ammon (the Eagle Scout)
by Debbie Frederickson

Celeste's Story
by Beverly G.

A Whole New Life
by Gregge Sandusky

Brain Injury


October 2013 Newslietter - Trevor Jones
by Natani Jones

Fear No Mountain - Evan Waldeck

Daniel's Story

My Son, Jeff

Joshua's Story

Central Auditory Dysfunction

Travis' Story

Cerebral Palsy

July 2013 Newsleter - Twenty Years Later
by Jeannie Cummings

Justin's Story

Our Story: Michael and Mark

July 2013 Newsletter – Michael and Mark: Twenty Years Later
by Jeannie Cummings

Dad Keeps Pledge: Girl Walks (NACD Journal)

Coma/Head Injuries

Our Son, Camron
by Paul and Ann Stephens

Communication Disorder

A Journey with Marcus

Developmental Delay

May 2013: Newsletter - The Houser Family
by Kristina Houser & Lyn Waldeck

The Miracle of James
by Pamela Merritt Nestor

Stephanie's Story

Down Syndrome

April 2014 Newsletter - Kaitlyn - Just Getting Started


October 2013 Newsletter - There's No Place Like a Home-Based Business
by Mary Beth Franzen

October 2013 Newsletter - Sonya
by Sue McFerren

October 2013 Newsletter - The Little Dancer
by Katie Driscoll (External Blog Website)

Shaurya & Sasha
by Prachi Sinha

We Named Him Rohan
by Santhi Bhupatiraju

NACD Kids: Bobby Lyons - This Teen is College Bound
by Nancy Lyons

NACD Kids: Renee
by Elisa Delfino

June 2008 Newsletter – NACD Kids: Sam - The Walk
by Sue Mayer

Our Journey to NACD Changed Our Lives: Ernie
by Joan Burns





John and the Art of Learning
by Jenny Marrs

In Search of Joshua

Scott - A Father's Story

Home School


Language Delay

Chad: Testimony on the Success of the NACD Program
by Kurt and Penny Anderson

Learning Disabilities

by Christi Petrucka



Minimal Brain Dysfunction


Neurologically Impaired

By Ann B. Martin, mother of Katherine, UPPED

Profound Hearing Loss


Sensory Processing

David: Another Success Story
by Sara Erling

Williams Syndrome

NACD Kids: Mila - Not Held Back by Williams Syndrome
by Roxane S.

Tricia Garrett - A Very Special Gift
by Susan Garrett


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