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Fear No Mountain – Evan Waldeck
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By Lyn Waldeck Our story, which by no means is at its end, began in the mountains. To be specific the Transylvanian Mountains. During Christmas of 1990, a specific child was brought to our attention that was in desperate need of a family. Florin Valc, who later became our son Evan Waldeck, had spent the first two years of his … Read More

Coma/Head Injuries: “Camron”
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Paul and Ann Stephens As I write this account, it is the day after Thanksgiving, 1996. How far we’ve come. How thankful we are that we found NACD. On August 23, 1993, our son, Camron, was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He sustained serious head injuries and was comatose for four months. After 10 weeks at our … Read More

Brain Injury: “Jeff”
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In September of 1982 my 20 year old son, Jeff, was in an auto accident sustaining a closed head injury resulting in massive brain damage. He was in such a state that about all you could say for him was that he was alive. He had a trach for oxygen, an N.G. tube for feeding and someone had to turn … Read More

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Robert J. Doman, M.D. Head trauma or injury is the leading cause of death of persons between the ages of one and forty-four. The leading causes of head injuries include vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, assaults, sports injuries, falls, gun shot wounds, etc. Head injuries may be divided into closed injuries in which the brain is not exposed and open injuries … Read More

Trauma and Recovery
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Robert Silverman When “Dr. Bob” Doman suggested that I write a section for his book, I was a bit puzzled. “Write something about attitude,” Dr. Bob suggested. Now that word didn’t seem adequate but we failed to come up with a better one. Yet it is really attitude that has driven me to do this rigorous neurological program for nearly … Read More

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