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YouTube: Parental Warning

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Unintended, Potential Harmful and Addictive Effects of YouTube on Children and Young Adults with Developmental Issues by Bob Doman Who would have thought that one of the potentially most harmful “tools” available to our children was something as educational and entertaining as YouTube? For many children and young adults with developmental issues, it is. Our work at the National Association … Read More

Christopher Grosshauser: “I Choose to Be Happy”

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By Ana Grosshauser It is hard to believe that my involvement with NACD started back in 1992, over 25 years ago.  With that said I have had the pleasure of watching many young children grow up to be highly capable adults. Some of these wonderful families are in regular contact while other times I am totally floored, when a voice … Read More

Big Steps + Little Steps = Giant Strides

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by Cori Longfellow NACD mom and coach At 2 ½ our son Evan rarely gave us any eye-contact, and did not communicate outside of dragging one of us to the kitchen when he was hungry, repeating phrases he heard on TV, or echoing what we said to him. He could play by himself beautifully for hours, but would throw huge … Read More

All I Want for Christmas is an iPad (or Making the Most of the iPad You Already Have)

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by Ellen Doman   With Christmas right around the corner, we are all trying to figure how to get gifts that are really worth getting for our children. When it comes to larger ticket items, it is hard to beat an iPad for usefulness and continued relevance. This is not a gadget that will get put away, but rather a … Read More

The Selective Use of TV and Videos for Advancing the Development of Special Needs, Typical and Accelerated Preschool Children

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Robert J. Doman Jr. TV/Videos and The Preschool Child For over twenty-five years, the National Association for Child Development (NACD) has had the opportunity to serve a large, international caseload of children covering the entire functional spectrum. Our work with innovating ways to accelerate the development of children with profound developmental issues (such as brain injury, autism and Down syndrome) … Read More

Down Syndrome: “Gregory”

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On April 19, 1983 we heard these words from a doctor, “I believe your newborn son has Down’s Syndrome. I encourage you to take him home from the hospital, but he probably won’t be able to go to school, run, read or write.” Those words were very sobering concerning our son’s prognosis. They were also words we chose not to … Read More

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