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Bowen Oliver Finds His Voice

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by Mandy Oliver When Bowen was almost three years old, we received a formal diagnosis of autism. The diagnosis didn’t scare us, but the lack of therapies that were offered, particularly in our area of the country, did. We were looking at shuttling our child around to multiple 30 minute appointments, all in various cities, multiple times a week. We … Read More

Making the Most of the Summer, Holidays & School Breaks

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by Ellen Doman For many children and young adults with whom we work, it is summer. For our families in the Southern Hemisphere school has recently resumed, but there will be those rather long school breaks. Parents often question what to do with these “breaks” and vacation times so that they really feel like fun and are rejuvenating. There are … Read More

Middle Ear Fluid: Developmental Effects on Children with Specific Attention to Those with Down Syndrome

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by Robert J. Doman Jr. It appears that middle ear fluid (otitis media with effusion) is a significant problem for children with Down syndrome. Our experience at NACD with literally thousands of children with Down syndrome indicates that middle ear fluid issues are ubiquitous and are of tremendous concern relative to the global development in this population. For forty years … Read More

The Importance of Language

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by Ellen Doman   Decades ago, I worked with a mental health service that is called “wraparound.” It provides Mobile Therapists and Behavior Specialists in family homes to work directly with children and their parents when the children are believed to be high risk for placement in residential treatment programs. I had the great opportunity of working with a very … Read More

Ben – PDD-NOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

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A Testimonial About a Family Helping Each Child Reach Their Full Potential When our son was about four, we took him for a consultation with a well-known pediatric neurologist. Because Ben used just a few words, made little eye contact and showed little interest in other children, the diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) was no surprise, yet … Read More

Tymps, Tymps, Tymps

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by Lori Riggs, MA, CCC/SLP Are you tired hearing us talk about tympanograms yet? We’re not tired of talking about them or recommending that you get them yet. Obviously we’re not afraid to admit that we’re pretty opinionated on the subject of how significantly middle ear fluid can affect a child’s development. For years there has been conflicting information by … Read More

“Can You Hear Me Now?” – FM Systems

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by Lori Riggs, M.A., CCC/SLP Director of NACD’s Center for Speech and Sound “Can you hear me now?” “What did I say?” “Are you listening to me?” “Please just say ——-.” “Say dog/ horse.” “Read my lips.” At NACD we have been working on all of the pieces of the puzzle that help your children learn and develop. All of … Read More


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A Message from Bob   Some of the areas that I am particularly concerned about are issues relating to speech and language development, as well as feeding and oral motor issues.  We have two speech pathologists on staff to address these issues.   Lori Riggs, the Director of our Center for Speech and Sound, is really the best of the best … Read More

Hearing Tests: A Primer for Parents

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by Lori Riggs, Certified Speech/Language Pathologist At first glance an audiogram may look simple and straightforward. Delving into interpretation and implications of the audiogram, however, leads to a whole different picture: the mysterious world of audiology. As many more parents have been sending me their child’s audiological reports to try to make sense of them, I have become acutely aware … Read More

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