Brain Injury: “Joshua”
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Three years ago I was attending a home school convention searching for guidance for our two year old son. After going to the session on NACD and hearing from some parents involved in the program my husband and I sought references and listened to Mr. Doman’s seminar tapes. We then decided to get involved and have seen Mr. Doman just … Read More

Brain Injury: “Jeff”
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In September of 1982 my 20 year old son, Jeff, was in an auto accident sustaining a closed head injury resulting in massive brain damage. He was in such a state that about all you could say for him was that he was alive. He had a trach for oxygen, an N.G. tube for feeding and someone had to turn … Read More

Brain Injury: “Daniel”
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Daniel started life at 8 lbs., and 11 oz. He did not lift his head after birth as well as his three older brothers nor did he seem to keep up with the milestones of the first year; yet his eyes always brimmed with excitement and he enjoyed being around the other boys. His favorite activity of lounging around and … Read More

Our Journey to NACD Changed Our Lives
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by Joan Burns Seems like just yesterday (seven years ago) a tiny bundle of love was handed to me, his bright eyes seemed to say “thank you for being my mom.” This was and is true of our son as he shows his love and appreciation for everything we teach him. “Your son has Down Syndrome” the doctor said in … Read More

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