Brain Injury: “Daniel”
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Daniel started life at 8 lbs., and 11 oz. He did not lift his head after birth as well as his three older brothers nor did he seem to keep up with the milestones of the first year; yet his eyes always brimmed with excitement and he enjoyed being around the other boys. His favorite activity of lounging around and … Read More

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by Joan Burns Seems like just yesterday (seven years ago) a tiny bundle of love was handed to me, his bright eyes seemed to say “thank you for being my mom.” This was and is true of our son as he shows his love and appreciation for everything we teach him. “Your son has Down Syndrome” the doctor said in … Read More

Williams Syndrome: “Tricia Garrett” A Very Special Gift
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by Susan Garrett Tricia is a petite eight year old girl who is sure that everyone is her friend. She has Williams Syndrome, but she has no idea that she is any different from anyone in her first grade class. Symptoms of Williams Syndrome include a mild cardiac problem, poor muscle development, a small stature, and pixyish features. With the … Read More

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