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Where Did the Time Go?
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by Bob Doman For many of you school has started and you have discovered that there are not enough minutes let alone hours in the day. As you try to fit more and more into your day there are two primary things you need to do to maximize your time and produce successful outcomes. You need to prioritize and schedule. … Read More

Intention: Let’s Do This Smarter, Improving Results
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I have received some great feedback from families who have been utilizing The One Thing. Congratulations to all of you who have taken advantage of this great tool. The reason The One Thing works so well is that you are giving yourself permission to focus on something. Focusing on something is essentially a license to not try to focus on … Read More

Simple Plan to Improve Program Outcomes
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by Bob Doman After all these decades and tens of thousands of kids and families, there are a few basic things that stand out that often have great impact on how well our families and children do. A reality is that you can only accomplish a lot if you are to some degree organized and have an ongoing vision of … Read More

It’s About Time
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by Bob Doman How long is a day? How long is a minute? How long does it take to make a bed, take out the trash, make a sandwich, or eat a meal? I’m sure you can all answer the first two questions, or at least you think you can; and I suppose that you could give a fair guess … Read More

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