The Icing on Your Cake: Siblings on Program
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By Lyn Waldeck NACD Evaluator “Children with significant challenges can be typical, typical children can be exceptional, and exceptional children can change the world.” —Robert J. Doman, Jr, Founder of NACD NACD has been at the forefront of developing modalities to address a population of children that are most commonly “written off.” We have children that we have brought out … Read More

NACD: Doing What Works for Homeschooling
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   For nearly thirty years, NACD has helped over 30,000 people of all ages and ability make exceptional strides in their mental and physical development.  Helping people with significant neurological issues has given NACD profound insight into how typical and gifted individuals can achieve highly advanced abilities.   NACD has a long tradition of actively supporting Homeschooling.  They have developed … Read More

Language Acquisition in Children with Down Syndrome: The significance of auditory function and the developmental costs of teaching signing or “Total Communication”
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by Robert J. Doman Jr.   In order to determine appropriate treatment approaches for children with Down Syndrome (DS), one must first, look at “normal” development, and then explore how and why the DS population differs. When considering language acquisition we encounter historic problems that are not dissimilar from those of any of our special needs populations. The primary problem … Read More

Learning Disabilities: “John”
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Our three children were classified by the school system as learning disabled. One as neurologically impaired and two as perceptually impaired. As a young mother I believed the school system wanted to help our children succeed and agreed to self contained classrooms for two of the three and supplemental for the third child. This began a learning process, not for … Read More

Philosphy and Rationale
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Robert J. Doman, Jr. NACD’s developmental and educational programs are designed to lead each child toward developing his/her fullest potential. These programs are designed through the expertise of Robert J. Doman, Jr., and represent an eclectic approach to child development. These programs are implemented by the parents and other family members under the training and auspices of The NACD Foundation. … Read More

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