Start Your Day By Making Your Bed
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by Bob Doman The commencement speech by Admiral William H. McRaven is outstanding, and I believe it has very special significant for parents who are really trying to take charge of their own lives and assume the responsibility for their children’s lives and futures as well. For all of our NACD families, I would request that you watch this video … Read More

It’s About Time
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by Bob Doman How long is a day? How long is a minute? How long does it take to make a bed, take out the trash, make a sandwich, or eat a meal? I’m sure you can all answer the first two questions, or at least you think you can; and I suppose that you could give a fair guess … Read More

Program: Know Your Race … Pace yourself for Success
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By Lyn Waldeck When I was in Junior High, I happened to be a very versatile track runner. Whether I was needed for a 50-yard dash, or a 4-mile relay, I could usually step in and take up the challenge. I had no idea at the time that some important lessons would be learned during those years that would help … Read More

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