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Developmental/Therapeutic Intervention: Proactive or Reactive?

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by Bob Doman To be proactive is to anticipate, prepare, and intervene based on a long-term vision and perspective. When anticipating the future, you react accordingly before it actually happens. To be reactive is to respond to a situation, rather than creating or controlling it. How does this relate to what we do with our children? What we do in … Read More

Our Bad

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by Lori Riggs, MA, CCC/SLP I think we forgot to tell you something. At least, we didn’t tell you enough. What We Did Tell You: Having a very structured, targeted home program with specific frequencies and durations is an extremely effective way to facilitate—and remediate where needed—your child’s development. These structured activities are addressing specific developmental “pieces,” which all work … Read More

So You Developed a Skill (So What?)

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by Lori Riggs The bottom line: Isolated skills are pretty worthless. They only have meaning if they are put into a context of functional activity. That’s the message I wanted to get across. That’s it. I’m not much on elaboration, so if you “get it” already, you don’t need to read on. End of article. But in the off chance … Read More


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A Message from Bob   Some of the areas that I am particularly concerned about are issues relating to speech and language development, as well as feeding and oral motor issues.  We have two speech pathologists on staff to address these issues.   Lori Riggs, the Director of our Center for Speech and Sound, is really the best of the best … Read More

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