T.H.E. Targeted Home Education
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Homeschool Renamed, Re-envisioned, and Given a New Way Forward by Bob Doman   I have been an advocate of homeschooling and home-based educational, developmental/therapeutic intervention for close to fifty years. The whole foundation of NACD (The National Association for Child Development) is built on development, health, education, and where needed, therapeutic intervention, all centered and accomplished within the home. Our … Read More

Don’t Put a Label on Me. My Name is Noah.
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Intro by Lyn Waldeck This month’s brag is dedicated to a family that I am so very proud of. When first coming to NACD, this young lad had quite a few challenges and because of those challenges, the family was having a pretty rough time. Putting the pieces together for Noah took a lot of work and dedication from his … Read More

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