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Simply Smarter: Intensity – How to Achieve the Best Results
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by Bob Doman The Simply Smarter® program is built upon the foundation of neuroplasticity, utilizing the science of targeted input, frequency, intensity, and duration. Targeted The program constantly modifies itself to keep you right at the sweet spot, the spot that is targeted for you to achieve maximum benefit. Frequency To take advantage of neuroplasticity, we need to keep triggering … Read More

Intention: Let’s Do This Smarter, Improving Results
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I have received some great feedback from families who have been utilizing The One Thing. Congratulations to all of you who have taken advantage of this great tool. The reason The One Thing works so well is that you are giving yourself permission to focus on something. Focusing on something is essentially a license to not try to focus on … Read More

Intensity: Get It – Got It – Good!
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by Bob Doman In an effort to help our NACD families and others maximize their efforts and make the most out of the time they have to work with their children, it is incredibly important to keep reminding everyone about the significance of intensity. The foundation of what we do at NACD is designing very targeted individualized programs that are … Read More

A Tool is Just That
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by Lori Riggs You want to build a house, so you borrow a hammer. Every day you pull out your hammer and pound on something—anything—twice a day for two hours. And sometimes you just hold the hammer and look at it or set it close to a nail. Certainly at the rate of four hours of pounding per day, not … Read More

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