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Nicolas Cooke is Physically and Mentally Tough
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by Lyn Waldeck Today’s spotlight is on a fine young man who I have known since 1996. Yes, that is correct, 1996. I have been with NACD long enough now to have several adults that I have seen since they were infants, Nicolas Cooke being one of them. When I think of individuals that I have the greatest amount of … Read More

The Importance of Consistency
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by Sara Erling, NACD After being gone several weeks this summer, I had not maintained my normal fitness routine. You see, I am one of those crazy people who likes to run marathons and work out at 5 a.m. I also like food. I figure the more I work out, the less restrictive I have to be with what food … Read More

Yoga for Special Needs Children
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  Dear NACD families, Like you I have a special angel in our family named Gitane (7 y.o.) and, like you, since she arrived nothing has been quite the same. Somehow my acting career and chasing different roles around the world turned into dedication to chase the betterment of my Down Syndrome daughter who could barely open her eyes for … Read More

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