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NACD Makes Adults Smarter Too!

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by Bridget Sheehan My name is Bridget, and I’m living in Dublin Ireland and working full time as Senior Manager in financial services. I have a Master’s degree. In May 2010 I went to London to meet Bob Doman. I had seen the amazing difference that Bob and Sara Erling had made working with my niece. I was curious to … Read More

NACD KIDS: From Smart to Brilliant

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– by Elisse Davis Last fall, I decided to finally enlist the help of NACD in my homeschool efforts.  My friend had been telling me about NACD for years, so now that my youngest had turned two, I thought I could make the commitment.  My oldest daughter, Ariel, in 5th grade, is a smart child, usually self-motivated, and happily compliant.   … Read More

Learning Disabilities and Organization

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. The term “neurological organization” means that the brain can take in and store information in an orderly and “organized” fashion. A child lacking in complete neurological organization is to some degree neurologically dysorganized. To a large extent, this is an environmental or inherited problem as opposed to the organic dysorganization found in a child suffering from … Read More

The Learning “Disabled” Child: Special Education

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Robert J. Doman Jr. Special Education Twenty-five years ago, special education was in its infancy. It was virtually impossible for the parents of children with severe problems to obtain any services from their school systems. With the recent development of special education and the passing of legislation providing for children with special needs, funds are now available through state and … Read More

Dominance and Emotionality

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Robert J. Doman, Jr. The final stage in developing neurological organization-neurological efficiency is the establishment of cortical hemispheric dominance. Cortical hemisphere dominance refers to the establishment of a controlling hemisphere of the brain, separation of, or specialization of neurological function. This separation of function is possible when dominance has been achieved. Dominance, that factor which permits cortical specialization, exists at … Read More

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