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In My Travels
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Robert J. Doman, Jr. In my travels and encounters with parents and professionals, I have had the opportunity to observe influences and attitudes that have either helped or impaired the development of our children, influences that either saved or condemned children. If I were to identify those things in my education and development which were the most significant and positive … Read More

Parents Are The Solution!
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Lynda W. Bates When NACD parents become actively involved in their child’s developmental process they discover two scarcely known truths, truths which many parents and professionals have yet to realize. First of all, parents discover that direct involvement with their child strengthens the parent-child relationship like few things can. Involvement, for NACD parents, means consistently carrying out the child’s individualized … Read More

Learning How You Learn: Auditory & Visual Digit Spans – What Do They Mean?
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by Robert J. Doman Jr. HOW TO EVALUATE AUDITORY AND VISUAL SHORT-TERM MEMORY AUDITORY SHORT TERM MEMORY To test the auditory digit span, the parent should slowly (1 digit per second) say number sequences beginning with 2 digits (Example, 4 – 1 sec. Space – 2). Have the child attempt to repeat the sequence. If the child was unable to … Read More

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