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Why You Need to Talk to Us a Lot More
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by Ellen Doman Did you ever walk out of an evaluation and on the way home think of something you forgot to ask about in the evaluation? Did you ever think about the evaluation conversation the next day and think that you really didn’t get something the evaluator said? How about when you get a program activity that seems way … Read More

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by Lori Riggs When I was in college I took flying lessons. My dad, whose curriculum vitae included private pilot since age 16, instructor pilot, fighter pilot, and airline pilot, did not teach me. However, coming to visit me in Waco one weekend, he was happy to fly with me to see what I had learned, and I was anxious … Read More

The Value of Videos
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By Ellen Doman As we increase the number of Skype evaluations that we do and continue to request videos through our coaching program, we need to look at why we are doing videos and how to make the most of these opportunities. As evaluators we have a perspective regarding your child based on our own observations in evaluations, your written … Read More

Have You Hugged A Coach Today?
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by Lori Riggs MA, CCC/SLP Director, Center for Speech and Sound If you are an NACD family already, you know that NACD is a very dynamic organization. Nothing is status quo-we’re always looking for and thinking of ideas to make what we do better. One of the best “better” things we have done, in my opinion, is to add the … Read More

Let’s Do It Better The NACD Daily Planners and New Coaching Guidelines
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  As I would hope you all know, we are always trying to find ways to do everything we do better, and that includes finding ways to help you do what you do better. We are instituting some changes that should help us all do a better job of implementing program and producing the results and changes that we all … Read More

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