Simple Plan to Improve Program Outcomes
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by Bob Doman After all these decades and tens of thousands of kids and families, there are a few basic things that stand out that often have great impact on how well our families and children do. A reality is that you can only accomplish a lot if you are to some degree organized and have an ongoing vision of … Read More

Start Your Day By Making Your Bed
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by Bob Doman The commencement speech by Admiral William H. McRaven is outstanding, and I believe it has very special significant for parents who are really trying to take charge of their own lives and assume the responsibility for their children’s lives and futures as well. For all of our NACD families, I would request that you watch this video … Read More

Increase Chores and Responsibilities, Increase Expectations, Increase Independence, Raise the Bar – Improve Function!
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Vidya Guhan When you see these things listed on your program, it is easy to overlook them. After all, there are no assigned frequencies or durations, nothing you can check off your daily list, and they are so vague. You are likely thinking, “My child does his chores, she has her responsibilities, my expectations are high; otherwise I wouldn’t even … Read More

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