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My Greatest Discovery – How to Make Everyone Smarter

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by Bob Doman These COVID-19 Coronavirus times have certainly turned many of our worlds upside down. We now virtually have a world full of homeschoolers; more parents are at home with their children than at any time in the history of the world. Exceptional times and exceptional circumstances can also result in exceptional opportunities. Many of us are rediscovering and … Read More

Science Corner Vol. 5 – Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders are supposedly the 
most common mental health issue 
today for adolescents, with one
 national study of more than 10,000 
adolescents finding that about 31%
 qualified for an anxiety disorder at 
least at one point in their lives 
(Merikangas et al., 2010). 
Prescriptions given to children for 
these anxiety disorders are
antidepressants that include selective
 serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) most … Read More

Science Corner Vol. 4 – Brain Imaging: What It Can and Can’t Tell Us

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The National Association for Child Development is always looking for the best knowledge to further our understanding of developmental disorders and their remediation. Therefore, we are fascinated by the prospects of neuroscience research, but are fully aware of the current limitations. One major area of neuroscience research that has generated a lot of hyped buzz over the last couple decades … Read More

Short-Term Memory, Working Memory, Long-Term Memory and Norfolk Pines

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by Bob Doman I just returned from an outstanding trip to Sydney, Australia. I worked with some great folks and evaluated many kids whose potential I can’t wait to help unlock. I also met with some great open-minded folks at the University of Sydney to discuss a research project with our Simply Smarter System and creating NACD courses for their … Read More

Beyond “Therapy”

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Thoughts on factors influencing gross and fine motor development, with ramifications affecting cognitive function and language in developmentally challenged children. by Bob Doman I have observed a number of problems in our children whose overall development is slower than that of typically developing children, issues that are only indirectly associated with the actual neurological and physical aspects of their function. … Read More

Brain Change: Simple Interventions to Dramatically Improve Student Functioning

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by Carol Estrada Bruce Haslam, PhD, Director of Research for The NACD Foundation, along with Tamara Knapp-Grosz, PhD, Director of Counseling and Support Services at Savannah College of Art & Design, presented “Brain Change: Simple Interventions to Dramatically Improve Student Functioning” at the 45th Southeast Conference of College Counseling Center Personnel held on November 5-7th in Chattanooga, TN. The presentation … Read More

More on Brain Oxygen and Lung Health: Vital Capacity

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS Vital capacity may not sound like a very exciting subject. However it is a very important subject and one that we address frequently at NACD. So it’s worth your time to learn a little about what it is and why it is significant. There is a lot of talk about vital capacity (VC) when we … Read More

My Brain Needs Oxygen—What Can I Do?

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS How can I get more oxygen into my brain? We all know that our bodies need some attention in order to grow and be healthy. We know that we need a good diet and exercise. But what about our brain? What does it need to be able to grow, to heal, and to learn in … Read More

Bilingualism: The Way to Go

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by Prachi Sinha, NACD Developmentalist in India I live in a country where diversity is the best description. This applies to languages as well as culture. We have 29 different languages in India. Our common everyday use language is called Hindustani, which is a mixture of Hindi, Urdu, English, and some Sanskrit as well. Almost all households in India—rich or … Read More

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