Staci Sargent NACD

Staci Sargent


Staci Sargent’s relationship with NACD officially began in early 2016 when she was introduced to Bob Doman by a close friend who thought that she would be interested in Bob and NACD’s philosophy. Her original interest in finding processes to improve and increase brain function began in 1998 when her 15-year-old sister suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her in a coma for five months. The early days and months following the accident were difficult as doctors gave a bleak prognosis. However, slowly but surely she started to come out of it and then the real work began—rehabilitation. This brilliant, injured 15-year-old learned to crawl, creep and walk again. She learned to speak, read, write and laugh. She graduated High School, earned a certificate in secretarial studies from a technical school, married and now has three beautiful children. Her story is a successful one, but the road was not easy.

Staci says, no one ever explained to us the idea of neuro-plasticity—the brain’s ability to modify its structure and performance in response to its environment. No one ever showed us a developmental profile that could guide us in our efforts to rehabilitate and no one ever expressed the necessity for specific appropriate input to stimulate the brain. Given Staci’s experience with her sister, Bob and NACD’s global approach just makes sense.

Staci has a unique background, starting in 2004 with her work in China as a English teacher and curriculum developer for high schools and universities, which afforded her the opportunity to understand how language is tied to visual and auditory function. She recently retired from the military after a decade of service as an intelligence analyst. During her time in the Army she served as a Basic Training Drill Sergeant. Her unit was featured in Forbes magazine for breaking with traditional “Army training methods” and engaging in a fundamental rethink about what the people they lead should be able to do. Her Unit engaged in developmental practices that focused on expanding the individuals capacity for complex thought in lieu of rote skills training. Staci feels that NACD applies a similar philosophy and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to join this innovative family of professionals.