Rubina Mirza

NACD India Physical Therapist - M.S. Physical Therapy, Sports Science & Special Education

Rubina Mirza has extensive experience working with children with disability. After completing her degree in physical therapy, Rubina obtained a Fellowship in Sports Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education.

Since 2003 Rubina has worked in hospitals, schools, and has even had her own clinic. In the field of education, she has been involved in teaching life skills and functional education to adults and children with multiple disabilities, developing personalized communication aids for children with speech and communication difficulties and adapting furniture to children’s needs.

Her work in the field of neurological and pediatric physiotherapy has included working with children with Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism and developmental issues. She has also worked with adults, providing physiotherapy for stroke patients and orthopedic patients, and providing therapy and counseling for trauma and amputation patients.

Rubina currently lives in Jaipur, India. Besides her PT work, she is also pursuing a course in human rights and has been a participant in several trainings and seminars, including Lifestyle medicine from Harvard Medical School, USA and Cardiac Rehabilitation from Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center.

Rubina brings with her the passion and dedication we cherish at NACD. She is very enthusiastic about sharing her experience and knowledge and gaining more in the process.

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