Prachi Sinha

NACD India Developmentalist/Coach - M.S. Child Development

Prachi Sinha’s association with NACD began when she became a resource for two families on program in India. She helped the families implement their NACD programs while she continued to work on her M.S. in child development. After completing her degree, she worked as a special educator in an inclusive setting while continuing to work with the two NACD families. Her NACD involvement continued to grow and expand until Prachi eventually became an NACD evaluator, working with all of our families in India.

In addition to her field of study for her degree, Prachi has studied organizational management and has done internships with a variety of child-related institutions. Her Master’s dissertation was titled, “Significance of Inclusive Education for Non- disabled Adolescents” and was recently published in a book with several other researches. Prachi has participated in several seminars and conferences on various topics, such as autism, learning disability, mental health, and family therapy.

Prachi currently manages an NACD center in Gurgaon, India. Not only does she conduct NACD evaluations and provide family support, she also provides program implementation services at the center. In addition, she is one of only three providers in India for The Listening Program. She is able to provide TLP services to both NACD families and non-clients.


NACD Prachi Sinha Amity University Certificate

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