Lauren Shade


I have experienced NACD both as a teenager enrolled in the program and now as a mother administering the program to my child, and in my experience, NACD has done wonders for us both. I first came to be enrolled with NACD when I was fourteen years old. Before NACD, it was a journey that seemed long and depressing because I was so behind in my academics. While homeschooling, searching for a program that would adhere to my needs was a challenge. I was attending speech therapy at the school; however, I had no goals for my life. The days felt long and frustrating, especially when my younger siblings were learning faster than I was.

Finally, by word of mouth, NACD was recommended to my mother. She enrolled me and drove us six hours every fourth quarter of the year to meet with my evaluator, Lyn Waldeck, in Waxahachie, TX. I will never forget my first evaluation with Lyn. The very first thing she told my mother was that I was very bright and had potential and a great future ahead of me. Nobody that had evaluated me before started off with such positive comments, which built confidence in me right away. My mother and I committed to the program every day. NACD was a great confidence builder and answer to my prayers. I worked up the confidence to try out for a sport and chose Karate and rose through the ranks to become an instructor and 2nd degree black belt. This confidence and drive also pushed me to further my education into college.

Now I am a mother of a child who was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and who started out non-verbal. All the struggles my mother and I went through finding a program was worth it because I knew who to turn to for help–NACD. I reached out to my evaluator, Lyn Waldeck, about my child’s special needs and she took us under her wing in December 2018. My daughter was 3½ years old at that time. I just had a baby son, but with my determination and commitment to the program, my daughter early this year started talking. She has come a long way in her development. It gives me great joy to continue the program and to also accept a position as a coach with NACD so that I might empower and encourage families everywhere like Lyn did for me all those years ago.

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