Shaurya and Sasha

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by Prachi Sinha, NACD Neurodevelopmentalist in India

Shaurya is a young entrepreneur with Down syndrome, and he has made me a very proud evaluator. Shaurya, along with another young man, Sashank (also with Down syndrome), runs a small business called Sasha. Sasha began its journey from Thailand about 2 years back when the moms of the two boys got together and started exploring vocational options related to their interests. It is now an international organization with Shaurya working from India and Sashank in Thailand. Shaurya also does pottery making and paintings.

Recently I had the opportunity to see him in action when we went for a vocational fair here in New Delhi. This was his first display of Sasha products and his individual works in India. Shaurya had put cards, bookmarks, wrapping paper, and wine bags on display and sale. There were Christmas decorations, ceramic pottery pieces and a painting for sale as well, which were his individual works.

I had before seen pictures of the things he was creating which I was really proud of; but I had never seen him being a sales man and a PR agent for his company. That day I was just blown over. Various media companies were there to cover the event. They chose a few stalls to feature and our dear Shaurya had been successful in attracting everybody to his stall. He posed and posed for the cameras and showed everyone his items. He even did a live radio event that day.

He went around exploring other stalls and inviting people to his, even giving directions. I saw a very involved, independent, responsible and proud young man. He was impressive and for sure left an impression on so many people that day. His work isn’t simple… it involves expertise and hard work from both his mom and him. His ceramic pieces have his artistic interpretation coursing through them. He is not mechanically churning out items as he is taught like we often see. He is a proud artist and I am proud to be his evaluator.


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