NACD Telephone Seminar CDs

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47If you missed any of the phone seminars or just want a copy to review or share with friends and family, they are now available. The CDs contain Robert Doman’s opening commentary followed by a question and answer session. These unique CDs are full of wonderful and valuable information on each particular topic discussed.Due to the number of people participating in the phone seminars there can be considerable background noise on these CDs during the question and answer segment. The opening segment where Robert Doman speaks is free of interference. We have done our best to minimize the noise so that they will be enjoyable and easy to listen to.

Topics include:

Adults and Parents:  Improve Your Neurodevelopmental Organization
Behavior Management
Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury
Creating a Positive Learning Environment
Down Syndrome
Homeschooling – Should I do it?
Learning Disabilities
NACD Parents Speak Out – Experience with the Program
Nutrition with guest Dr. Julian Neil
The Autism Spectrum

NACD Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 10, 2008 ©NACD

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