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Newsletter Archive

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NACD Newsletter Archive
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Newsletter Article Archive

April 2015: Short-Term Memory, Working Memory, Long-Term Memory, and Norfolk Pines by Bob Doman
April 2015: Goals by Lori Riggs
April 2015: Our Bad by Lori Riggs

December 2014: Getting Things Done by Sara Erling (with Lori Riggs)
December 2014: NACD's Preliminary Trail of the inTime Program by Lori Riggs

November 2014: Beyond "Therapy" by Bob Doman
November 2014: A Tool is Just That by Lori Riggs
November 2014: So You Developed a Skill (So What?) by Lori Riggs

November 2014: Tornados: Thoughts on the Brain and Child-Centered Learning by Bob Doman
November 2014: Testimonial - Elliot

June 2014: All Our Mothers Should Be 10s (and Our Dads Too!) by Bob Doman
June 2014: Justin
June 2014: No Limits - Luke

April 2014: NACD Announces Ambassadors for Down Syndrome
April 2014: Kaitlyn - Just Getting Started
April 2014: The Troop of Two: Mission - Friends Beyond Borders by Prachi Sinha

January 2014: Does School Remediation Result in Success? by Ellen Doman
January 2014: Joshua

October 2013: Advocacy 101: From an NACD Parent by Annie Kratzsch
October 2013: Trevor Jones by Natani Jones
October 2013: There's No Place Like a Home-Based Business by Mary Beth Franzen
October 2013: Sonya by Sue McFerren

The Testimonials Issue
August 2013: We Named Him Rohan
August 2013: Marcus - Ten Years Later
August 2013: Darren May

July 2013: Passionate Learning by Lyn Waldeck
July 2013: Twenty Years Later by Jeannie Cummings
July 2013: From Passion to Profit: The Story of AD Digital by Gena Daunhauer

May 2013: Confidence Through Chores by Lyn Waldeck
May 2013: Brag - Houser Men by Kristina Houser & Lyn Waldeck

March 2013: Getting Program Done by Vidya Guhan
March 2013: What Parents Need to Know About the Side Effects of ADHD Drugs by Nick Smith

January 2013: My First Marathon; and With the Running Came the Healing

August 2012: How to School Your Child by Ellen Doman

July 2012: Sequence the Summer Away! by Sara Erling
July 2012: Take Your Program to Go by Ellen Doman
July 2012: Get Help! by Vidya Guhan

March 2012: "Johnny, You're So Smart!" Or Not? Praising Intelligence vs. Effort by Vidya Guhan
March 2012: Testimonial: Arianna
March 2012: My Brain Needs Oxygen--What Can I Do? by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS

January 2012: Big Steps + Little Steps = Giant Strides by Cori Longfellow
January 2012: Siblings of NACD Special Needs Children: The Game Where Everyone Wins by Lyn Waldeck

January 2012: The Cure and Prevention of Parent "Burn Out"

December 2011: Khan Academy
December 2011: Brag - Usaid (Autism)

February 2011: Bilingualism: The Way to Go

January 2011: Thank You Coaches!

December 2010: NACD Makes Adults Smarter Too! by Bridget Sheehan
December 2010: Happy Holidays (and Do I Have a Gift For You...and Me!)

November 2010: TSI - Focused Attention and Its Effects

October 2010: "Brags" by Julie Macchabee
October 2010: Making This School Year a Success

July 2010: Fun with Words: English is Easy?

April 2010: Working on Getting More Program Done? NACD Family Planning Calendar
April 2010: Raise the Bar – Improve Function!

February 2010: My Simply Smarter Challenge
February 2010: Motivation in 2010

December 2009: Siblings Helping Siblings
December 2009: "A Part of All That I Have Met"
December 2009: Just What You Have Been Waiting For: NACD Coaches

November 2009: Icing on the Cake - Siblings on Program by Lyn Waldeck
November 2009: Essay - Contemplating A Brave New World by Andrew Josefchak
November 2009: Simply Smarter Works!

October 2009: Down Syndrome: The Importance of Crawling on the Stomach

September 2009: Neurodevelopmental Perspectives on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome
September 2009: The Importance of Walking by Michael Jen

July 2009: NACD/Wasatch Peak Academy School Model Program
July 2009: NACD Chapters Improving Lives and Impacting Communities

April 2009: Join NACD on Facebook!
April 2009: Potty Training Infants, an "Ancient Chinese Secret"

March 2009: Stressed Out Parents and the Art of Staying Positive
March 2009: Estimation: How to Accelerate the Learning Process with Math and Build Visualization and Conceptual Skills Simultaneously

January 2009: Brain Change: Simple Interventions to Dramatically Improve Student Functioning

December 2008: From One NACD Mom to Another: Encouragement to Join the “1,000 Hats” Club

November 2008 - GREENLIFE by Dr. Julian Neil
November 2008 - Connor, Our Journey
November 2008: Short Term and Working Memory - Keynote in Mexico

September 2008 - NACD Kids: Lammons Family

July 2008 - Ammon, the Eagle Scout
July 2008 - NACD Rendezvous Recap
July 2008 - Schools and Our Children

June 2008 - California Dreamin'
June 2008 - Hearing
June 2008 - NACD Kids: The Walk by Sue Mayer

May 2008 - Ask Bob #2
May 2008 - Mary Beth
May 2008 - Pace Yourself

April 2008 - Ask Bob #1
April 2008 - Behavior Processing

March 2008 - NACD Changed My Life
March 2008 - Toilet Training

February 2008 - NACD Perspective

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