Highly Capable Children

Highly Capable Children

Parents of children showing excellent learning skills are often as perplexed as to how to best deal with this as are parents of children with learning difficulties. Programs offered by schools are often insufficient and start too late to take full advantage of what the children can do. NACD has worked with children who are some of the top students in the country.

What does NACD have to offer? NACD first assess the child’s capabilities in all areas of function. Programs are written to improve function in all areas so that the child is not competent in one area only. Secondly, NACD provides instructional strategies and educational resource recommendations to make the most of the child’s abilities to learn. An essential strategy in working with a highly capable child is to keep that child challenged and engaged in learning more and learning better.

NACD works with parents and educators to maximize learning strategies and materials and also assists parents in locating other learning opportunities that allow the child to move further and faster in areas of interest to them. Instead of “going it alone,” parents can rely on NACD to help them choose appropriate and productive opportunities for their child. NACD also assists parents with mapping out the learning future for their child including advising parents regarding issues of early college admission and extra courses.

NACD shares the goal of the parents, which is to maximize the child’s potential. This includes programs to further the child’s ability to process auditory and visual information to improve short-term memory, the ability to visualize and conceptualize, and the ability to use their working memory. NACD even has program activities to improve the child’s tonal processing, fine and gross motor coordination, and visual memory.

With NACD by their side, parents can move confidently toward the future knowing that their child is learning to both utilize and improve his or her abilities. What does NACD expect for your child? NACD expects success!

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