When a child receives a diagnosis of Dyslexia, often parents and teachers feel that this has answered a lot of their questions about the child. He’s Dyslexic. She’s Dyslexic. So what does that tell us about the child? Well, it tells us that the child may have some problems reading. It tells us that the child may not pick up information given in class easily. It tells us that the child may write slowly or poorly. Yet, it doesn’t tell us why. Without knowing the cause of a problem, we don’t know how to fix a problem. Why is the child Dyslexic? Is it permanent? Is there any cure or recourse?

NACD does not use the term Dyslexia for the simple reason that it does not tell us anything about why. NACD evaluates a child to find the source of their difficulty. What is causing this problem? There is no single cause of the problems labeled “Dyslexia.” Because there is no single cause, there is neither one single solution. The multiple causes of the difficulties associated with “dyslexia” can include auditory processing problems, visual processing problems, dominance problems, and/or visual convergence problems, among others. The set of symptoms known as Dyslexia need not be permanent. NACD does not teach strategies to cope with the label of Dyslexia. NACD teaches parents and educators strategies to solve the problem known as Dyslexia.

Assessing the cause of the problem is the first step NACD takes when parents seek our help. All aspects of the child’s functioning are explored including vision, auditory processing, visual processing, dominance, fine motor coordination, language, etc. Once the assessment is complete, an individualized plan is devised to fix inefficiencies in the child’s function. Meanwhile, an academic instructional strategy is devised to assist the child in catching up with and even exceeding current academic standards for children in his or her age bracket. Think of it. While fixing the child’s neurological inefficiencies causing the problem, we are also helping the child to learn academic material more efficiently. We are helping the child catch up academically while ensuring that the causes of the problem are eliminated.

It is every parent’s dream that his or her child succeed. The heartbreak of watching a child struggle and fail academically is a terrible thing. Seeing doors of opportunity close for your child is a tragedy. This need not happen. NACD offers answers. Every day we train parents and educators to fix inefficiencies. Every child has a right to be successful. Every child has a right to no longer be labeled “Dyslexic.”

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