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by Sarah Dils

75This is another story from our foreign correspondent, Sarah Dils. We are very proud of Sarah for her contributions to our newsletter.


86I lived in China for about 3 years and before we lived there, we lived in Japan.

We moved to a neighborhood called Beverly Hills which, to tell you the truth, was nothing like the real Beverly Hills. I know about the real Beverly Hills only from pictures. Still, I did like my house and I was really fine with it. It was really nice to live near my friends. Our neighborhood was mostly houses made out of brick and they all looked alike.

There were lots of little gardens in between houses in our neighborhood. Some of them actually had lakes in them. It was nice walking there.

87Another thing that was fun was the interesting things like the food. You could find yummy food, strange food, disgusting food, and good food. It all depended on what you liked. My favorite food was called Hot pot because I could put what I wanted in my pot. We would go to a place called Hong Ya Dong which looked like an old city to eat hot pot with friends. My friends and I would go down the streets and look for a ginger candy stand, which was smashed ginger with sugar that was made into a sticky mass that they stretched like taffy and then dried. If you ever go to China, be sure to eat that! The people there were very nice, but look very much alike because they all have black hair. I very much miss my friends and teachers there, I also miss the strange and funny things that I hope you can see some day.